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I had the extreme pleasure of getting to know Kevin and Heather over the last few months and I truly could not be more excited to capture their big day! Kevin’s sister, who happens to be a friend and fellow photographer, introduced us after their engagement and I am so grateful to be given this opportunity to capture these memories for their family! I’ve also had the privilege of meeting Kevin’s parents who are such amazingly kind people and I’m so excited to (very soon) have the opportunity to meet Heather’s family at their upcoming wedding! These two are so clearly surrounded by a loving a supportive family who are over the moon with happiness over this couple’s’ union and I am so honored to be able to celebrate with them!

I always ask my couple’s to share how they met and how they got engaged and when I received Kevin and Heather’s response email I smiled the entire time I was reading through their story. The two of them are so obviously in love and it really makes you believe that things turn out just as they should!

Heathers Perspective:

Kevin and I first met over two years ago at church. Ironically, only one of us remembers that meeting. Over those two years people had casually hinted to both of us about dating each other, but God had other plans during that time frame. Fast forward two years to the end of October 2018: I was sitting in church and happened to notice him during service. I made it a point to make eye contact, which again only one of us remembers :). Later that night, I asked my dad to inquire about him. He did, and to my surprise I received a phone call from Kevin during the following week for a date.

We met at Peter Chang’s in early November and proceeded to talk for about four hours. As we were leaving it became very apparent to the both of us that we were interested in a second date. From that first date I think we were both shocked and in slight disbelief at how well it went…so much so that it only took one or two more dates after to determine that we were already serious about the long term direction of our relationship. Through the months to follow, our families and friends were 100% in support of our relationship, which was tremendous for the two of us. 

Kevin proposed to me on May 10th, 2019. We had been talking about engagement and marriage for at least a month prior to the engagement. Back in February, God had made it very clear to me that this was the man I was going to marry; I knew even back in January, but still realized that it was too soon after dating. I believe that Kevin knew he was interested in marriage even before I started thinking it in January. On May 10th, he took me to Chatham Manor where it became very clear, very quickly to me, what the day held for our future. After spending time together on a picnic blanket overlooking downtown Fredericksburg he asked me to stand from sitting on the blanket, he knelt on one knee (holding the ring box closed), and proceeded to profess his feelings and intent for our future. He then asked if I would marry him. I immediately knelt down in front of him and without hesitation said, “Yes!”. I was so ready for this moment, so at peace, and so consumed with his proposal that I forgot to look at the ring, which he opened at some point during the proposal. It wasn’t until several minutes after saying “yes” that we both realized I hadn’t seen the ring yet. It was gorgeous! It was far beyond what I had imagined my future engagement ring to look like. He placed it on my finger, and from that moment until now it has been an exciting “pinch me for fear it’s not real” past couple of months. 

Kevin’s Perspective:

In late October, after an evening church service celebrating the anniversary of the Reformation, Doug Bergen, a man in our church, approached me. It was strange, but I somehow knew he was going to ask me about his daughter. And that he did. In short, he asked if I wanted to date his daughter. At that point, I really wasn’t sure if I was ever going to marry anyone. I had strongly believed that God had me set to be single the rest of my life, and I had finally accepted it. I was open to marriage, even wanted it, but I was no longer seeking it. I was conflicted when presented with this. I was in the middle of a sabbatcal: I had quit my job of thirteen years to take time off to figure things out in life after accepting the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life (ask me about this if you like). I had told Doug that I was umemployed: Was he and his daughter sure that she should date me? They trusted me on hearsay from others that I was not simply doing nothing with my life. The trust that they gave me was astounding. (For any reading this, I am now gainfully employed.)

About a week later, it hit me like a ton of bricks: “Kevin, who has someone’s respectable father approach THEM about dating THEIR daughter?! It’s usually the other way around. You’ve seen her; she’s attractive. Everything is being handed to you on a silver platter. What are you waiting for?” So, I texted Doug, asking her if she was going to be surprised if I contacted her. He said no, thereby indicating that CLEARLY there was already conversation happening that I knew nothing about. I called her, and we agreed to go to Peter Chang’s for dinner later in the week and have dinner.

That first date was several hours, and it led to one after the other. We quickly meshed, had similar interests, similar backgrounds, similar life struggles, and felt at ease in each others’ company. We wanted to show love and grace towards each other, clearly communicate, show patience, and more. God had brought us to a wonderful place, through many hardships in our individual lives, to meet each other.

Early in 2019, I knew that I loved her, so I gradually approached the topic of marriage. When I knew we were on the same page, I eventually got the ring. On May 10th, I took her to Chatham Gardens in Fredericksburg, a place that’s sacred to me. I had meant to bring her in the fall when we started dating, but time, circumstance, and weather prevented us. I thought it appropriate to take her here, overlooking the city we will live in when married, to propose to her. She said yes, and she wasn’t even looking at the ring — she was looking at me. Eventually, I actually had to remind her: “Um, you actually haven’t seen the ring I’m holding in front of you yet.”

I’m still amazed at how much we get along, see eye-to-eye, and continue to build trust. Trust was something that was hard for the both of us, but God has truly ordered our lives so that we understand each other, we trust each other, and we want to continue building this relationship as long as we live on this earth together.

I love Heather, and I can hardly wait for her to be my wife.

Just look at this amazing custom ring! So GORGEOUS!

There really are no words to explain the obvious chemistry between these two! Having them in front of my camera was nothing but joy!

Congratulations Kevin and Heather and I’m wholeheartedly grateful that you have chosen me to be a part of your big day!

  1. Dad and mom Benedict says:

    This has brought tears to my eyes. God has been so good and brought our son and our “daughter” together in His perfect timing. May God bless your marriage, Kevin and Heather, as you live your life for Him and each other. We love you both so very much.

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